g_susanSusan Stanley Taylor
Executive Director

Susan Taylor is the founder, and current Director of Anew Foundation, Inc.  and has guided its expansion and direction.  Her insights, strengths, compassion, and interest in contributing to the wellbeing of others led to her deep commitment to her communities, serving individuals and non-profits.

Susan is a graduate of Hartford Art School and received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has maintained a studio and exhibited through out the East Coast with gallery representation in Connecticut, New York City, and Florida.

She served as a volunteer for the Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless devoting her efforts to soliciting materials establishing a library for women and children. It was through this work and other efforts that she was inspired to continue working for others. She concentrated her energy on the formation and operation of Anew Foundation from 1994 to present.

Susan spends much of her time in Maine, maintaining a studio and working on her small farm, growing vegetables and flowers, tending her Scottish Longhorns, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and strays. She grows garlic for an acclaimed restaurant, sells her eggs for local charities and harvests surplus crops for the Tree of Life. When not in Blue Hill, Susan resides in Fort Lauderdale and continues to maintain an office in Winter Park awarding grants in South and Central Florida and Maine.


g_eileenEileen Casey
Managing Director

Eileen Casey is an integral part of Anew Foundation.  After working as a registered nurse for many years, she took her passion for others to the Bert and Mary Meyer Foundation. As their Grants Manager, she found her niche working with the underserved population of the Southeast United States. In 1999, Eileen joined Anew Foundation, becoming the Managing Director in 2001.  She found fulfillment in dealing with people in early sobriety, supporting their commitment to recovery, managing the nonprofit houses, and meeting with the tenants on a weekly basis. Since 2010, she has been on the front lines of the foundation, guiding at risk individuals through the application process, meeting with them regularly while continuously searching for new partners.

A graduate of UCF and a long time resident of Central Florida, she lives in Winter Park. Besides work, she enjoys helping with Danny’s Chemo Caps, history, reading, and traveling with her husband Brian.

Board of Directors

Susan S. Taylor
Executive Director
Anew Foundation, Inc.
Winter Park, FL 32789
Ann Clement
Retired Landscape Professional
Orlando, FL 32803
Kathryn Rupp
Executive Director
The Steward’s Fund
Winter Park, FL 32789
Patti Dorrell
Florida State Director
Orlando, FL 32804